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Storm Shelling

With the sudden arrival of Tropical Storm Emily, there is something a little more special about what you can do this week!

Have you ever gone shelling after a storm?

Living near the coast definitely has it’s perks and for a lot of us one of those perks is finding new treasures at the beach. One of the best times for shelling is in the week following a large storm.  The strong storms churn up the waters and can bring some amazing shells and fossils to the surface! Try to hit the beach right before and during low tide so that you have more beach surface to explore, and remember to try to go early to get to the shells first! You can also purchase some great tools to help you find treasures in the sands on and off shore.










So, where are some great places in the area to go shelling? Here are a few spots for you to check out!


  • Alamanda & North Shore Drive- Park at the pier near Alamand and North Shore Drive and walk counter clockwise around the tip of the island. Plenty of starfish here!
  • Gulf Blvd and Palm Avenue- Park near the gulf front park at Gulf Blvd. and Palm Avenue.
  • Egmont Key- Take the ferry to Egmont Key.

Lido Key:

  • North Lido Beach- More plentiful shelling on this beach!
  • Lido Key Public Beach
  • South Beach

Siesta Key:

  • Siesta Beach
  • Crescent Beach
  • Turtle Beach- Check out the south end, this area is less crowded!



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